Samsung Galaxy A30S review: Three cameras and screener for a small price

However, we did not see the NFC Supermolid display and a battery in the industry leader’s gadget. Available – Galaxy A30 S, an updated version will appear in autumn. There is an extra camera and the fingerprint scanner is continued under the monitor. Battery with batteries, AMOLED-matrix, and power – are there any drawbacks to affordable pricing?
A year ago, not every secretary could boast of this national processor. Fingerprint scanners are primarily available on smartphone monitors. Before that, the display scanner was a little more expensive – from 20 million rubles. In addition, it is used by generations of inventors, so inventors work. Slower than a scanner, but not transparently and incorrectly. The way to open is facial recognition.

Nevertheless, this Samsung Galaxy A30’s predecessor HD + dropped the solution by Total HD +. In some cases a 6৪ inch diagonal means that if you look at the panel for a closer examination you can find a pixel staircase. HD + resolution is normal for your tablet computer at 15 million. The worst thing, when it comes to solutions – the hottest iPhone 11 to 60 million rubles.

The Samsung Galaxy A30S camera is being studied for comparison. There were only two detectors: 5 megapixels and 16 – high-width and primary. In the A30s, we included a camera to detect the depth of field and blur the background and decided to improve the resolution to 8 and 25 megapixels, respectively.

White camera details and satisfying balance. The complaint is tight autofocus. Bumble is a catch

In individual situations, HDR is useful, which works automatically. He had no expectations. The calculations seem to be “forgotten” about the dynamic type. You need to trigger HDR.

Typically, variants are displayed between some flagships and state employees. The story here is in another order. Images using width will look elegant on any screen, but not in any display. Quality drops at night. However, it is also unaffected by a few flagships. Do farmers have any questions against their desktops?

The camera has not changed. All of these are 16-megapixel selfies that are capable of taking just the right opacity of the background and in a light state with great angles. Without the illumination conditions, the fuzzy style of the background makes itself feel safe.

The picture is not surprising. Customers are looking for a full 1080p with better color reproduction, but no image is stable. It will

The layout is not bad
This Samsung Galaxy A30S event is made of plastic. However, unlike the previous generation, the decision was made to set geometric shapes. They shine with all the colors of the rainbow that make the device a bit paired with the tops of the Galaxy Note 10 +. The pattern looks like a dark version. In this latter context of the predecessor, this format is clear.

Except for one layout, the creator was generous with many choices. For example below, there is an innovative connector and public, as well as an audio output signal for headphones. That’s not all Samsung is not limited to users choosing between a slot for memory and a SIM card. This is despite having an inventory memory book: 3 and 32GB or 4 and 64GB. Nevertheless, it may be worth looking into a larger version. Cake cherries will be a payment service, in other words, NFC presence.

Underneath the hood, there is nothing unusual -. It is only suitable for graphics systems in shooters such as PUBG Mobile. The performance and animation rate of this star system in the sky is not good enough. You need to be patient enough to speak on a smartphone, as it is not uncommon for menus to break when starting projects and lists. Opening this device with the mic takes a long time due to the awkward animation. Some free smartphones allow you to breathe “cartoon simplification” changes. This is provided in the “Advanced Features” section from the main systems of the machine.

We must pay homage. For 2 days, the smartphone will work at the same rate, and the display duration will be about 5 hours. Although you can increase the index by 6-7 hours, you do not have to rely on more than a day of independence. It’s worth it for this chip to have great results, but above all, a capacitive 4000mAh battery. Supports charging from modern 15 kit adapters
It’s great to see advanced chips fall into lower-priced categories. Not every flagship yesterday can boast of using a fingerprint scanner. Technology nowadays reaches 15 million rubles among farmers. Composition

There are no 3 cameras that use 25 + 8 5 megapixels.

The standard Samsung chips remain NFC, a jack, 4000 mAh battery with long battery life and charge. Once the smartphone starts to slow down, the customer spirit is heating up in moments. Sadly for the week, not all cats are pancakes: the chip is weak here.

The screen resolution was lost for the upgrade, but happy to use the next image. Unlike its rivals, which is obvious, Xiaomi Mi 3. Xiaomi includes a slot and not an NFC engine, but an expense, but the expense is substantial.

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