Comparative Review: Redmi Note 8 Pro vs. 60 Thousand iPhone 11

It turns out that there is something here. The budget section is comprised of other manufacturers, which Apple offers at a crazy price. For example, in terms of cost and features, Redmi offers high visual resolution and battery capacity, fast charging out of the box, four cameras, one with 64৪ megapixels. The iPhone 11 feature is the most powerful chip on the planet and … what?
The 11 and Redmi Note 8 gurus have two cameras and four respectively. One of these is responsible for macro photography in a 2.5mm wide space. The iPhone can’t boast of a set: camera and flagship. The Redmi has a “wide”, and – a thickness sensor.

The iPhone camera has a set of 12 megapixels, Redmi 64 cameras. In the case of Redmi, matrix objects can be integrated into larger 1.6 microns, and the resolution of these images reads up to 16 megapixels. Usually, the shapes are on the face of a smartphone. However, does this mean that the Redmi scandal? When the examples reveal that they are real, yes.

In 16-megapixel mode, the quality of the images does not excite happiness. Switching to 64 megapixels, the smartphone puts its competitors on the shoulders. Also, varied and detailed, and in different colors.

11 can’t even get close to its competitor. It represents the point seat that melts into the picture with all the iPhones in the sound. Redmi captured his shadow at the same time from the picture.

The feature of this iPhone is the nighttime mode. Willing to be supportive. Apple has been able to apply these features. Watching a movie with Redmi doesn’t look impressive, though: it’s varied and brilliant.

Harvest, on the other hand, keeps everything in its place – from “Apple Cedar” machines to photo descriptions. In at least 1 mode, the iPhone was able to display its own flag.

There are no apparent winners. Create the face of the iPhone horizontally. Note 8 includes a snapshot of the innovative depth of the gurus. It faded, but it had color and taste.

In both cases, the fuzzy calculations worked well, but not the norm. Pay attention to the brow in the background of the iPhone. It is not productive.

There have been many solutions as the trek turned out. However, does this rule apply to pre-existing cameras? 12 megapixels vs 20 gurus on iPhone 20 megapixels.

The iPhone builds its meeting apartments in its manner, but Redmi retains the thickness and cheekbones of size, which is important. Heading the table to highlight this part of the woman’s face. Need to change your phone? Whatever the situation, the situation at 8 Gur seems normal. The time-honored HDR reminds the sky of the iPhone direction.

Unclear, what’s worse with both phones. This is heavenly hair material, a coat that flows easily on the desktop – programmers in both businesses must work on the calculations.

When it’s over and high-quality photos. The richness of soap and isolation in the structure reduces the enormity of the expectation. However, in contrast, we all know – the widths were bad for the Redmi Note 8 gurus. Like the 20 pictures with the footage in it.

Watch it range from the iPhone. He handles more complex scenes in camera mode.

The iPhone has been a great device. China’s mid-budget smartphone is so high that even the best Android flagships can’t compete with Apple’s merchandise.

By itself, the Redmi shoots neatly – the detail is great and the resolution is pleasing night, on the other hand, the color not inserted can twist and ruin the camera’s confidence.

Where there are pictures, there is sound. There are two speakers of 11: one that sets up both dialogue and elementary. The sound is loud, clear, and doesn’t give the quality of the most transformed volume. Redmi has only one speaker.

The screen of this iPhone 11 is smaller than its competitor: 6.1 and 6.53 inches. Story with resolution: HD vs. Full HD +. In numbers, success is obvious, but in reality, everything is different. In addition, Redmi does not significantly exceed this amount – 395 PPI. On the other hand, the color representation of the image is even more significant

The iPhone is tough. The amount of brightness varies 500 knights and 800 knights respectively on Redmi and iPhone. The Redmi Note 8 guru is 84% ​​fitted to the HDR NTSC palette. Its display always goes to the pink and blues tunes, and adjusting the options is nothing.

In the matches, the picture seems particularly faded. On the screen of this 8 Pro, the picture is terrific

Dull and dull. There’s not much difference between splitting up with each other, but not following the iPhone

The Redmi game is very pleasant. Despite the display, it is very comfortable and large.

The 11 openings are at the mercy of the Face ID Face Scanner. The way is suitable and reliable for use. You can’t say the same thing about unlocking and Redmi with its own camera. Using a known fingerprint scanner is very straightforward. Engineers have not switched to using a detector with a sub-screen – a set. This will open the machine while it is flying. Also, it is not very difficult to find a detector that is lengthening a body.

Legends about the performance of the A13 Bionic processor. The processor is so powerful that it has no job. These will be in 2-5 decades and will reveal 3

The Redmi Note 8 will be more than functional at the moment. By market standards, the MediaTek Helio G90D process is not very effective under its faণade, but it does allow the PUBG to play with mobiles on the graphics system. Not sure what will happen in the next few decades, but now smartphones are out of balance.

The ability to extend the memory to the Redmi feature is an advantage. You should get lost on those SIM cards.

Actually guide the Redmi Note 8 Guru. This battery is high in power (4500 vs 3110 mAh) and has a quick charging direct kit. Two smartphones can be practiced at the same price for a day and a half. Display time equals – 4.5-5 hours. Similar displays are also in competition. Both devices lose 10 percent of their efficiency in half an hour and enjoy the same battle.

Due to the charge, the problem is unclear… From there, he is fully charged for more than three hours, which can be disrespectful to the full size of the machine and how much it costs. A cycle requires two hours.

Redmi Note 8 Guru has an 18W power source. On the other hand, the entire cycle takes about two hours to release (though, the 4,500mAh battery doesn’t fill up that fast). The battery increases by 33 percent at exactly the same time in the first 30 minutes.

Redmi Note 8 Guru is a smartphone that has great weight. Today they are accompanied by accessories, though these national machines were known as poodles. The iPhone 11 is average. It’s not the iPhone 11 Guru, the La Guru Max. The smartphone helps you reach your finger everywhere and is in hand. He had 1 problem and the computer hangs from side to side. It is “Redmi” is soft because the cameras are seen in the center.
উভয় ট্যাবলেট স্ক্র্যাচগুলি ছাড়াও ময়লা এবং আঙ্গুলের ছাপগুলির ক্ষেত্রে আচ্ছাদিত। কেসগুলি উদ্ধারে আসে, কিন্তু রেডমি বাক্সের বাইরে পরিস্থিতি অন্তর্ভুক্ত করে এবং আপনাকে একটি আইফোন সংযোগের জন্য অতিরিক্ত মূল্য দিতে হয়।

It is not difficult to find a power cable from colleagues or friends in 2K19. It’s easier than USB-C. For the sake of relative refreshment, it has not yet been practiced, though the latter, in a sense, is universal. The same cannot be said for the 3.5-millimeter jack for headphones, which may please the Redmi Note 8 Guru. It will be used in the example of the iPhone 11. You have to pay extra.

In addition, Redmi received household support due to the infrared port. A tray is limited to two SIM cards. The next one should be ESIM, though an iPhone can use two SIM cards. So far, Delli 2 is taking part in their own distribution in Moscow. Limitations, limitations, limitations.

Compared with the Redmi Note 8 gurus, everything is clear. The winter wreath heated the idea of ​​saving 45 million rubles over blankets with cocoa. But what will happen to the weight division’s foes about this iPhone 11?

Competitor Samsung Galaxy S4 The best measurements on the planet, such as the mature flagship, can be considered as three cameras and AMOLED-screen. Also, the iPhone 11 is in principle optical zoom. Glad for the cameras.

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