Real iPhone 11 Pro Review: Success or Failure?

Japanese journalists have released the first review of the new iPhone versions after Apple lifted the ban. We emphasize the most interesting things and analyze them. The key feature is that the match doesn’t even compare: Apple is afraid to compare. There are suggestions for errors so that we can publish a review. It has its own Max version, and reviews are integral to your 11 posts, so when you’re dealing with text, it applies to both.
It takes time to evaluate the camera’s image capabilities. It was time for journalists to compare photos with two smartphones and try new ways.

I believe the iPhone 11 performs a bit better than the Pixel 3, though post-processed, the photos are more natural than the Note 10. “

In difficult circumstances, the version works better against this XS history. For example low backlighting or low light throughout the day.

Scott Stein of Signet focused on shooting in low light: “Apple’s nighttime mode is automatic and requires 1-3 minutes to capture additional light and collect a picture. In my tests, it should be saturated and amazing.

Images like HDR at night have some effects but in other cases, they will look like daylight. If it stinks at night, you can turn it off by clicking the right icon, but in almost every case it leaves the photo better. “

The iPhone 11 is a camera, considering its night time, its camera for competitive and low-light imaging with Google and Huawei pixels. Sinnet’s Stein sees these flaws: “This is not a perfect tool: faces may be blurred and details may be missing. However, I was surprised. “

As the review authors note, the Ultra-Wide-Angle module cannot be shot in night mode, but it is not a downside. From this discovery, the photo is dark and no image is stable.

The edge is more faithful to nighttime mode: “The iPhone 11 camera performs brighter than the Pixel 3 and Note 10, and gives better results than the Pixel 3 at night. Photographs are better than competitors in almost any light on the iPhone 11’s P. “

The power of the iPhone Plus camera. With 4K configuration per second and below 30 frames, it can be directly replaced. Incidentally, iPhones do just that.

In the demonstration, Apple announced that 11 Gurus and 11 Gurus will do better than the Max XS and XS Max. The kit also features 18 W control. Surveyors found the changes.

Nilai Patel writes: “I use the iPhone 11 Guru Max as my primary smartphone on a weekly basis and it works for 12 to 14 hours without recharging. Let’s explore and take pictures we saw it happen, take 4K video a day, and then put it on immediately. The next morning, 50 percent was inside the rate. “

A quick charge that can be put into the kit will fill 20 percent of the power in about 15 minutes and will fully charge the machine in an hour and a half.

There you will find a difference. In fact, this iPhone 11 guru Max 6.5-inch rifle has proven to be much better than the Super Retina XTR Galaxy Note 10 Plus. I once “put two tablets” aside

They cannot be accessed when viewing large displays, so they appear based on the device.

If you have a 2018 iPhone XS Max next to the display, that’s nice, which is noticeable.

One of the key enhancements here is the ability to work with your content.

From the new creation, more attention will be given to iron. Smartphones promote quality and run on the most efficient A13 chips.

Many smart and obvious advantages of hardware are explained on the wired: “Smartphones have this tool to get Apple Apple faster, faster switching between programs, faster editing and image processing, FaceID has great angles.

Holds and is fast. AirDrop helps iPhones find one another and iOS 13 can be even better if you use the great Apple U1 processor be Brand new phones promote LTE and Wi-Fi faster.

This phone is designed for Apple lovers. Or whose autonomy or this lens is required. iPhone 11 is the Best Value for Money ”

It gives you everything you need

Om Guru, however, cost 300 less. In such cases, you have iOS 13, the new detector chip, and the camera.

11, 11 Ways to choose between Pro Max and iPhone 11 Guru?

By paying for Guru, you can get a screen, LTE functionality, and even a telephoto lens. Or if you want a bigger phone.

I demand cameras and screens, so I go with the gurus. The cameras around the iPhone 11 and Guru are so advanced that I believe they are well worth switching from last year’s versions. Add more autonomy to it and you’ll be one step ahead of the year’s primary and XS.

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