MSI Prestige 14. Powerful graphics card, frameless screen, and almost unlimited upgrades

MSI Prestige launched an updated line of laptops: they are trendy, streamlined, but don’t give up. And most importantly – Prestige 14 is one of the first people to be awarded this year’s strong Intel chip for the 10th generation. On paper, this is a notebook that won’t pull the bag and can be converted to a computer at the same time. Pros and Cons – From our content.
But about location and topic. MSI is currently bringing you the Prestige line of non-gaming laptops. MSI B65 Creator We have written about MSI BS 63 Modern and Previous – Notebook. Devices are fascinating, but with all the complexity of the code, most companies want to do something. The arrangement has changed, we have three houses. The number that corresponds to the diagonal of this hierarchy.

Versions for professional content creators continue to be titled Creator Compact Laptops and are the cheapest being modern. We picked up a notebook from the intermediate series.

The work of designers of this brand can be treated – they specialize in crimson and black fireballs – Decepticons, which is called gaming notebooks. Regardless of the “face” of the MSI gaming show, a serious gamer or computer enthusiast can distinguish one gaming monster from another.

However, everything is different from the Prestige show. MSI saw a strong style for the first time, irrespective of how the company’s laptop market exploded, making it difficult to confuse competitors. The MSI prestige is fatal, but it is tied to its predecessor. With a large touchpad, the color combination of accents lighted with graphite aluminum, backlight with no logo cover or relief. You open 180 degrees in the results and you will see plenty of cavities.

Exactly the same time, the situation is new – a rich stream of “lifting” hinges, which extends the area of ​​the system above the desk, is the key to MSI. This helps you to improve airflow and provide a more comfortable type than the “precise” position of the dining table floor. This format is becoming the industry standard, which does not allow laptops, and powerful confiscations can result in cooling or ergonomics. Incidentally, the computer keyboard has a great design and keystrokes for functionality.

Like the previous versions, the frame does not separate the record: 5mm on both sides, 9mm on top. And the display is thin on all 3 sides.

On top of the display, there was enough room to get a microphone and a Windows Hello detector. The combination of infrared and conventional cameras blindly acknowledges the owner’s face, not bad.
If removal of the face is not enough (or if you want to add biometric information to family members in the accounts), a fingerprint scanner will be provided in the left corner of the touchpad. However it works, the scanner is not the best place to touch my finger.
Open 180 degrees. Most of the time this is useful because you are not limited by the boot angle you want and you can keep the notebook. One of the purposes is F12, which is provided with the format even when the image is turned upside down – there is a need to expose the person sitting opposite to someone folding the view.

The most significant “fashionable” gap between Prestige 14 and its predecessors may be charging via the Thunderbolt 3 interface. Andeluvian fees are contemporary key, high tech.

MSI Prestige 14, as its name implies, is equipped with a 14-inch display, which is actually a smaller notebook. Not a winner, but considering the approximately 17mm leg, with a depth of closed position the load is 1.3kg, which is even better. Despite the power supply unit and the envelope example, the load does not exceed two kilograms; A backpack doesn’t feel heavy.

In such cases, a powerful computer is available. From the Think (Max) system, this new 10th-comet is set on Comet Lake’s top-end Intel Core i7-10710U chip. There is an 8-core processor.

He received 2528 points from the Cinnabench R-20 rating – a bit higher than the background of the Core i7-7700, meaning that the Prestige 14 functionality is more than sufficient for convenient use photos, CG-graphics, and movie editing.
In fact, the new energy-efficient Intel chip looks great in a gaming notebook, and it certainly won’t be a “hurdle”. Many of the features that make up their devices are implemented by the new generation of Intel chips. Example support added –

A new wireless standard, providing up to 20% faster and more secure data transfer when connected to an access point.One
The ND Thunderbolt 3 is located in the control chipset, which means it’s very easy for manufacturers to put global and fast startups on the product. Reputation 14 included. These ports can be used to connect to anything: three 4K monitors, fast-drive drives, even Ethernet adapters, and 10GB / V video cards.

The latter is particularly interesting – during testing, we didn’t have the chance to confirm a set of sequences, but as the creator said, this situation is not possible, but a “rigorous for work such as video processing or 3D modeling” workflows.

The latter is not required. The graphics card is the GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q connected to the new chip. This is the best variation of heat dissipation and power consumption of game video cards from Nvidia.

After the Doom (20 2016) competition, the notebook offers 86 frames per minute in Medium HD graphics settings in total HD and about 35 fps in 4K, which is great for this type of baby.
Popular multiplayer games like World of Tanks and Dota 2 can play in most graphics settings, and 60-100 frames per minute are available on Overwatch and Fortnite – “high” with a standard 60 fps. You can start things off if you want, but they need to tinker with the settings and make some compromises.

With the versatility, minimalism and perfect functionality you have in mind, the Prestige 14 was built against the MSI gaming versions, so the Piles warmed up the situation. A turbine to cool video and chip cards, but with innovative software, Cooling Photoshop and Lightroom is best for “digest” and is comfortable to run for hours on end.

This is like mentioning freedom because we are talking about work. The manufacturer claims about ten hours in “super battery” mode, which translates to about 5-9 hours of actual use in real-time working conditions. Working with an average browser, text editor and email only takes 7.5-8 hours for average display brightness and is more likely to be viewed on a TV show. Working with creative and graphics software can cost a lot of energy, as it is not advisable to minimize the functionality of this mode and run the battery.

All GTX 1650 Max-Qs will be displayed on all Gifers MX250s and no graphics shelf models, including this prestigious 14 version. The latter can be significantly cheaper and more powerful for a new “office” function, or in the event that you actively choose to look for an external video card. Accessible, though the unusual variants have got 1 slot up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, the older one wired 16GB LPDRTR3. The solution is not transparent and is often developed due to energy efficiency.

But who is 4?
Receipt 14 Receipts. It combines plant configurations, Adobe RGB color space, and 4K resolution using 220 PPI density, recognized by the manufacturer of Coleman calibrators.

From the amateur point of view, this is too much. The image is impressive, however, as the 4K display demands you to absorb more energy and force you to use calligraphy.

A variant that uses a similar view will go on the market and a diagonal that is small enough to create a font will appear as a pixel.

If you don’t want to work professionally with photos, it’s good to hear some simple (and inexpensive) versions using full HD screens.
The group was not insured. It has an edge that is bright and simply shiny, so work with a notebook on the outside all day and both are comfortable inside.

Let’s live in a nutshell – two speakers and easy to manage, and it’s great to use external speakers or headphones.

Despite the competition, MSI continued to grow in one division. Discusses the practical and thoughtful layout, which is great and imitative gear.

Disadvantages – Lack of unique “processors” such as enrollment summaries, other displays, or the 360-degree process of this card, which are typically in this spending category. Regardless of the metal case, the layout doesn’t feel the same.

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