Review of Oppo Reno 2: Great design, camera, and average price tag.

The OPPO Reno line is distinguished by a home screen display, a periscopic front camera, superb filings, and an intricate design. Made – Reno 2 – Receives a hybrid, four-camera cars and digital zoom, as well as an extended battery. All the details are reasonably time-consuming when the whole world launches on hi-tech mail.r.
He got a striped two-megapixel sensor with a slightly wide chin on the bottom of the display, another chip (MediaTek Helio P90), slightly lower cargo memory, and a TV camera. For the rest of the features, smartphones are similar to each other. The fingerprint scanner is built on the AMOLED display, giving much importance to the planning and high quality of these situations has a retractable front camera on top and a 4000mAh battery with the same power and high speed charging VOOC 3.0.

The quad-camera refers to four cameras at a time, each specializing in its work. Most importantly a 48MP Sony IMX586 Module 5 is responsible for the huge dynamic selection, detail and night time. In nighttime mode, the module comes with a confirmation that you can take it without using a tripod.

Stability is also seen in telephoto lenses. And the picture quality doesn’t even decrease. Not to say what the circumstances are – about night time shooting.

The macro shot a wide-angle 8 camera. Items can be shot, equipped with autofocus like other blocks.

Shirk has a catch angle. The quality of the images is available, however, unlike the Finder, the camera is visibly lost.

In general, it is quite amazing that the three cameras are equipped with nighttime mode, busy HDR and autofocus. Even in one of the flagships, this is not common (I can’t figure out how to turn on Night mode on the iPhone 11 “width”). Incidentally, the thickness and portrait structure of the last two batches are responsible for the shooting. Nothing strange here.

In the past few years, different cameras have been attracted. Some manufacturers embed these in a straightforward display, while others hide them depending on the project, which can be Periscope (Reno 2Z) or even Paddle (Reno 2).
The front exit has, for example, a featured word (configured from the menu) and a flash that plays lightning across the screen’s border. Every second the word with the camera burst into dust.

Conducts the operation of lightning, front sensor. Selfies are detailed and balanced in color reproduction. For example, a US company does not need to use filters to match colors on smartphones.

Confirmation works equally well when shooting 1080p style and is very high at 4K resolution. It is very difficult to find fault with other parameters in detail, so the picture is pleasing to the eye. One thing that is missing is your 4K 60 FPS format.

Incidentally, you’ll be able to shoot all the cameras and any zoom-in immersive functions, and the image quality will decrease by zooming. However, items and inscriptions can be made in space. The only limitation of the lens in the video. To do this, you need to reduce the settings to 30 and 1080p fps.

With the camera and the same primary, the Oppo Reno 2Z fires badly. The picture looks easy to see, and there is no confirmation.

The quality image is not comparable to the brother provided and, overall, the stub works on the design using 60 frames.

Recognizable format
Not a celebrity. Siamese has launched its Redmi Note Redmi 8A and 8 Guru. The next one is like this Reno 10X zoom.

By the way, this OPPO Reno 2 project is great, no matter what you say. The cameras do not violate the taxpayer’s image and the body is stripped. Underneath the camera, extra urine prevents scratches on the back of the glass.

The trademark piece will shine in any light. It is not that, for a moment, the LEDs may seem to be built-in to the trunk. The spine scheme with the royal colors (dark blue and black) is especially amazing. This is especially true when the points are added by applying glass to your device. Prints are not piled, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is set on the back, and there is a finish on both sides.

Additionally, the smartphone is light and thin. With the screen, the diffusion through the front surface presents no chance. Happy with a visual comparison and a picture of fruit juice. For the primary title, he doesn’t have 1 item -.

The Buns, after all, have pretty pleasant contactless charges and NFC in that spot for the Russians

The common output is for the signal and the port. A row case in the box at the bottom of the customer’s smartphone awaits and a picture from the call is pasted into the monitor.

This is about charging the battery. Charging for half an hour is enough to save 45 percent of your smartphone’s power.

In use, one and a half lives each day. You can count 5-6 hours of visual processing without optimization of software and background processes. The smartphone is currently working.

Down the hood
With a movie or a hybrid zoom like a movie or a whistle, what’s inside doesn’t come out. Everything is fine with all the hardware. The centerpiece of the smartphone will be your Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chip. As opposed to the regular 730th “dragon” offering a 15 percent increase in productivity, the platforms are especially sharp for competition. This usually refers to the rate at which matches and machines work. In fact, gaming is practical: mobile operates in most settings, and Call of Duty is a bit overwhelming. In PUBG Mobile the enemy can be suppressed in large graphics settings, not the highest. Some FPS here was lazy.

The Reno 2Z addition often finds headlined language. He is not afraid of graphics configurations that do no harm to the frame rate. Nevertheless, Z-version often drops. Smartphone listings can be hard to find, be it a list of programs in a feed or a Google Play store from Instagram. Since the brakes were not found in the financial tools behind the ColorOS system, these concentrations will be fixed in future developments.

Reno 2 did. They are worried about the update of the catch chain, though there is no level to achieve this level.

It is not necessary to get 60-70 million rubles to find the user experience. High-quality photos and movies, games in most settings, a frameless screen, a bell or a whistle like a screen or night mode scanner – brings OPPO Renault 2 to the big leagues. One design follows another line, where their tool has been copied by some competitors. This one!

In Russia, Opto Reno 2 will start delivering on October 18 at 39,990 rubles. At this expense, the smartphone will be cheaper than the calendar of the year, where it is robust, but nonetheless a middle-class Qualcomm chip, wireless protection, water charging, and a “natural” “screen (raised refresh rate of over 90 Hz) are worth your money.

The Renault 2Z is ​​closer to its older brother, but the prices are significantly lower – 29,990 rubles. The differences are at the expense and capabilities of their cameras. For the next time, I had to lose the quality of the videos and photos. The confirmation and night scenes from the Z-version aren’t great, but the features are set. Both smartphones use the same experience.

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