Oman 15. A gaming computer is cheap.

Want a gaming notebook? HP was launched in Russia. Oman is guaranteed to handle 15 AAA-class contests, but you will see trade-offs.
After the gaming notebook, you have to draw it in red and black. Manufacturers believe that. As you understand, Woman 15 is made in this national color. The character is coated in four zones by inserting them in the form of letter X: grinding and carbon. At the bottom of the center is your HP Gaming Show logo. The symbol doesn’t shine, but thanks to its mirror.

Durable, not completely weak although the case is plastic. For magnesium alloy – Welcome to the area that is high. While the notebook looks competitive, the layout is closely associated with the word “gaming” and “out” behind the conditions, the notebook appears as a warship aircraft. At the bottom of the notebook are four rubber U-shaped rubber bands from the rear.

Gambling laptops come with a problem – it’s not about the Oman 15, though you can find a few of them. The layout of the connectors is very strong and very decorative.

Given the slant and limit, the HP Oman 15 doesn’t give the look of a gaming notebook – it can fit in a backpack and is much smaller than most. So it can be enjoyable for players but not for everyone who wants a very strong, but large and large system.

Matrix type IPS, with a great angle and high quality of this. The visual surface is matte, the comparison is great and the colors are warm.

However, the gaming screen was not built by the IPS matrix, but with a refresh speed of 144 Hz. This eliminates most openings, improves image transparency and reduces opacity. Generally, the atmosphere from the view is positive if the brightness of the backlight is set to a small 25.

All in all
Regardless of the situation in gaming notebooks, the norm was to attach a full-sized keyboard using an electronic module. A unit is worth it, and the size of these keys is a bit more compact than normal, even though it is on the edge. Travel is good enough, so typing is convenient. There is no extra button on the power button in the corner.

Flexible area, RGB backlight. Omen 15 has an Omen Control Center call button where you can view the program’s functionality and adjust backlighting.

The touchpad is timeless with two buttons. The region is not very large, but it is convenient to use if the cursor rate is raised. The switches guarantee the correct strike of the function.

The system is not a feature of Omen 15. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that it is high and without too much load. What does that mean This is very acceptable for notebook games and movies to watch, but listening to audio is not very pleasant.

Stunning images of the matches are confirmed
You can’t name filing a short one, it’s a gaming notebook. This architecture is based on the Nvidia RTX 2070 graphics card, which is a Max-Q and Intel Core chip. A great mix, but we’ve found it powerful: it works at low frequencies, though the version of the Nvidia card gets the right hardware. Because of this, it reduces sound heat and runs on the battery line but slows down the functionality. This card contains all 8 GB of movie memory and can have an effect on the start of the game. The original chip i7-8750H is now your choice regarding cost/performance/availability.

There are two drives set up in SST and HDT. Terms for disks and applications and your OS movies will serve as a repository of games and music. Try to score a block.

There is no point in commenting on the chip decision, as the i7-8750H was explored below and above and nothing new. We can say – productivity is high, you can process, process, load and do anything your heart desires. We repeat: This is definitely a favorite of many things.

The funny thing is the matches, as shown here in the notebook. It requires you to think about the beam in real-time (ray tracing) but it is best to run the Ultra style and then everything will be fine. The games do not look intimidating in this notebook, and it is easy to shadow the Tomb Raider using induced ray tracing.


The system does not overheat, which can be amazing for strong iron. The graphics card is warm. At the same time, the lovers worked their voices annoyingly. Of course – the system is helpful, courtesy of the Woman 15.

SST rates are great with Samsung Drive. Read up to 2300 MB per minute, which ensures application load and system response.

Under normal
No results are shown by the battery test. When watching a movie, the brightness of a screen is 60p

Empty, we can get 15 minutes to 2 hours. To say the true result is not the end result. The notebook lasted more than 50 minutes. So the game in the socket is very good.

The form of the gaming notebook has changed, so the Omen 15 is a great matchup. For example, ASUS ROG STRIX II GL504G and MSI GT63 Titan and Intel Core i7-8750H Nvidia RTX 2070 movie card with titan and full size (more than max-key). A card provides greater performance due to the frequencies that affect the working time. However, is it important to compete?

For a 16GB RAM configuration, a 4K display with an upgrade of 144 HDZ, you should be given more than 160,000 rubles: more expensive than the HP version, more expensive than about 145,000 rubles, and the lowest configuration using the Core i5 chip will be available from 80 million rubles.
Using the slim display bezel compactness and the combination of hits and gaming, we enjoyed the HP Oman 15. A display using a refresh rate is a keyboard that costs more than a block and above all costs less than its competitors.

For example, the variant with the Nvidia Jeffers GTX graphics card, which was 1050Ti, can be purchased for 85,000 rubles. The hardware used in this model tray is huge and you can instantly find the configuration and the RTX 2070 price from 145 million rubles.

Game style, weighing 2.5kg, the fitting arrangement of trunk connectors can be stored in plus. Battery life and not many speakers, so we do not recommend playing socket. Oman 15 is a great alternative to MSI and Asus gaming notebooks.

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