Mrs America Miniseries

Mrs America a new American drama miniseries launched on April 15th 2020. Mrs America shares a genuine story of the development to approve equal rights amendment and the reaction by a large number of people led by a prudent woman Phyllis Schlafly, acted by Blanchett. It investigates how probably the hardest battleground in the way of life wars of the ’70s helped offer ascent to the Moral Majority and perpetually moved the political scene.

When Mrs America is Aired?

Mrs America was broadcasted on 15th April 2020 on FX on Hulu There are total of 9 episodes which will be every Wednesday on FX.
The first three episodes of the series Phyllis, Gloria and Shirley respectively was premiered at 3 am Eastern Standard Time on 15th April.

Where Can I watch Mrs America ?

Mrs America can only be watched in the Hulu in the US and you will need Hulu account to watch Mrs America. You can get free trial of 30 day of Hulu to watch Mrs America $5.99 per month. Also you can move to full plan of $11.99 per month after the trial is complete.

Casts of Mrs America

The cast of “Mrs. America” is full of known faces: Cate Blanchett, Uzo Aduba, Elizabeth Banks, Rose Byrne and Tracey Ullman, to name a few.

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