Manga Rock Alternatives

If you like reading and you are a manga fan, then you know of the Manga rock site where you used to find all the manga comics for no cost. The site is shut down which was announced in the month of September. So all the contents are now not available, if you visit the website you will see a the official announcement. The explanation they referred was due to it was harming the business of the comic makers. The Manga Rock started in the Year 2010 with a group of friends.

What is the Manga Rock Alternative ?
As shared on Reddit Mangadex will have the highest quality releases for the fans. Mangasee for PC users and Mangazone for IOS users.
In the Month of September 2019 the Manga Rock App was removed from the app store and playstore.

They have now the plans to release new products which aims to support legitimate comics.

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