Review of the iPhone 11 Pro Max: One kg Steel, Glass, and Bluffs.

But what are they? We researched the smartphone and discovered many more things: how resistant it is to scratches and how it eliminates it compared to its long-standing enemies. Also – it’s worth paying for this situation and the color of the three cameras.
2 decades ago, the iPhone X brought a weird “bang” without a frameless display, Touch ID. The layout has been moved to the iPhone XS for a year. They need to be separated (can be marketed) and Apple has turned the gold from the XS Max.

There is not much break at this time. It has the same cutout with gateway diagnostics and striking frames (from the scale of this flagship on Android). One color and three hot plates appeared. This color flies just like the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Hot Cake, which are more expensive than the store in Avito, as well as plenty of cameras.

They look scary or trendy – an event to win another civil war. However, these are the most recognized smartphones in the world to watch in the dark.
iPhone 11 Guru Max to distinguish between older and 11 versions of iPhone: frozen glass. Judging from the fall tests – this is powerful and should be in the tile of your pocket. My iPhone 11 gurus max has come down with a scrap, but it has ruined other mobiles: the hysterical lover scratched the protective glasses of the Huawei P30 guru and the Mate 30 guru, fitting them into 1 pocket for a few moments. The camera is to blame, the edges are around the lens. The original “primary killer”

The iPhone 11 guru Max dropped the 3D twist and the display no longer acknowledges the power of pushing. Some were angry, the motive was amateur. But great for batteries and it’s – and spoilers – great with independence.

For fans of compact smartphones, there is an iPhone 11 guru.

IP68 water safety standards were maintained and today Apple reveals a depth of up to 4 meters. Great, but not rated: “immersion” is not considered a warranty case. The Face ID is a bit faster, and whether it is on a car or smartphone, it takes a wide-angle of mouth.

The TV collection became “light”: / 2.0 was optical, the camera was reluctant to leave the dark and the key was converted to one. It is

We’ve compared the cameras of this iPhone 11 guru, Max, to the heads of this Lexmark score (and subjectively – the best camera phones) – the Huawei Mate 30 gur, the B30 gur and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. During the day, everyone fights for what is right, and the difference is simply from the white balance. iPhone Smart HDR brings details to the shadows.

At night, the new “width” doesn’t make much sense: optical amplification, autofocus, nighttime mode, and optical “blur” darkness. Still, the camera shot the size of the Galaxy better than the XS and the Circular 10+. Saath 30 Guru does not arrive in night mode. It’s a quality of 11 people: the camera sticks to them and makes pictures. Hawaiian flagships were pleased to see that this was a welcome addition to the club.

But here, Apple will not be Apple without any hindrance. Initially, you cannot run the nighttime system on your own and can be done automatically when there is not enough light. Still, I like transparent shots! Second, you can take video from the main camera or from a “wide” 4K 60 frame. You cannot change zoom digits during a shoot. Quality is affected.

There are positive points. Photos of this iPhone 11 guru Max have also been shot. When it comes to the stability and quality of the image, there is symmetry; The Mate 30 Pro can be different but there is also a video camera individually. Switching between cameras on the iPhone is as smooth as creating all the volume.

The front camera is brand new, using 12-megapixel resolution instead of 7 megapixel, and the screening angle is wider. Apple realized that we were shooting friends in the framework, but not the background and not just ourselves. Everyone will fit However, the portrait style – just “short” Selby when the mind is “wasted”. It’s really a minus.

The screen is named Super Retina XTR. The displaced iPhone 11 guru Max is known as the best screen in the world. Generally one of the smartphones – not just a consumer device – smartphones, tablet computers, notebooks, and monitors.

We agree: colors are perfect, they are not curved in any way, color is deep. Forget the Sony Xperia 1

Although the Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ provides the best possible details (4K and 2K screens), our eyes are 2688 x 1242 pixels in 6.5 inches – enough, we can’t make it anymore.

However, you cannot unload more than 800 knits. Peak works in brightness or sunlight to see HDR content. I want to be free

The M selection, even if the automation fails, is bright enough. Samsung has given this opportunity to one of its major ships.

By ordering The iPhone 11 guru supports stereo speaker customers from Macs. The audio is superior and comes for images and games. This is the cut piece of the scene that bothers many.

There are two types of cores: low performance and high performance.

However, this is the curve of the muscle. More iPhone contests in tests and games:

Unexpected Partner 30 The closest to the effects of the Guru is your first smartphone for the Girin 990. Difficult to compare enemies in Keybench: the app has been updated to the fifth version, and the calculation method is different.

Engineers from the new iPhone have doubled the motherboard, with all the “stuffing” inherent, in other words, the parts heated upon each other. In between – no difference, no atmospheric plate. We’ve rounded out 10 ratings in a row – the case is warming up, in other words, a “sandwich” type cooler than the brand new motherboard default. Productivity does not fall below 5%.

At the same time, games do not deviate from the word “absolutely”. Return to W& O PUBJ: Blitz We have 60 frames / s. Keep the graphics slow

What the Russians lack on iPhones are the 2 physically present SIM card slots. This version is sold exclusively in China, the rest of the planet – Nano-SIM + Easy, in other words, digital SIM card. Due to the legalization of the cards that we have FSP Butt and the authorities higher, you can catch one from Delli 2 in Moscow.

Apple picked up the iPhone this season. Make a decision for yourself: Screen power efficiency is up 15 percent, while the chip – up to 30-40 percent, doubled the board, as well as removed the Touch ID – leaving distance for its L-shaped battery. It has a capacity of 3969 mAh from the iPhone 11 guru, Max – almost like Samsung and Hawaii. It is still the smartphone on earth.

The iPhone will be up at 7:30 am, which is 3-5% off. By day – social networks are instant messengers. In moderation. The Mate works around 30 gur (4500 mAh), the Galaxy Note 10+ captures it (4300 mAh, but it also got a stylus). I didn’t expect it from the iPhone, it’s one of the reasons for the version on XS Max and iPhone XS.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ top-end configuration has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of permanent memory to fit 90 million. This package includes a digital pencil, 45 W power charged (about 100 percent in 65 minutes), a smart screen that protects your camera from slight cutouts and dips (IP 69).

The Huawei Saath 30 gurus are not yet available, but we expect it will cost about $ 80 million in Russia. Your best face is an on-screen waterfall camera with no edge frame and a 4500mAh battery. And you can catch a B30 guru who has ten relationships.

The rationale is that the 11 and 11 are different from the lack of a pro camera. The disadvantages are not significant.

The iPhone XR has no “amplitude” (it’s dark in the dark), a nighttime mode and a chip from the previous generation (but enough for the next 2-3 years). The changes are not so significant. The gray trucks now have a powerful smartphone using a camera at a cost of 43 million.

One million rupees has started a year, and we are not accustomed to the expense of horses. 64 GB of memory is not enough, you need 256 GB variant, which is not less than 100 million rubles in Russia

Does Apple claim a hundred? For better things, a battery camera and a smart screen. It can be a great smartphone. The best iPhone.

As mentioned above, it is possible to explain any importance to Android. What is the higher charge? Back to the bullseye and Apple ecosystem.

If you have a good deal and are not allergic to Android, you can buy a Huawei P30 guru or Galaxy Note 10 +. Choose an 11, but if you’re not stunned by Apple’s magic, it’s best to choose No. It seems simple and there’s no zoom in twice. Everything else is exactly the same. XR and these XS owners will have to switch to the new 11 guru Macs due to nighttime mode and battery.

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