Hawaii Mate Book D 15: 15 inches, best value for metallic and lots of memories.

We usually find it interesting but a very expensive laptop with a unique feature to test. Even 150, 100 and 300 million rubles are not uncommon. However, this time we have brought this “favorite” version from Hawaii that is preparing to enter the Russian market. The Hawaiian Med Book for All-Metals costs about 50 thousand rubles – what exactly does he offer for this money?
Previously, we already knew the All-Premium Mad Book X Guru Ultrabook and the “average” Mad Book 13, but today it’s the turn of this cheap MattBook D with a 15.6-inch display. If the last two models are the same, the product is difficult to confuse.

The case is still sturdy and made of durable, closely fitted aluminum panels, but the screen is currently encased in a matte and textured plastic structure. The connection goes from end to end, connected to the charging device with a patch-needle. And there is no tabbed webcam.

Given the amount of gear provided and 2019, the Made Book D cannot be called particularly small. 17mm deep and the top and bottom frames are tight if they are heavy. But if it’s less than 2kg it’s a bit electric on the road and it almost doesn’t add weight.

The keyboard has also changed, with flat keys using a narrower direction, leading to smaller, but touched plastic. For economic reasons, the backlight has disappeared, but the keys have been enlarged, and now the volume of the keys on the navigation is Home / End / PGUP / PGDN and four arrows each full size. A shortcut menu to the right of the spacebar is required, which has recently become less and less available.

Calling a proprietary control utility PC manager or adjusting the size of the display often comes with several F-keys. The circular power requirements are located on the right side of the keyboard but this time there is no fingerprint scanner.

In conclusion, there are a few common but very practical ports in contemporary reality: two USB-A3.0s, a USB 2.0, combo 3.5mm for headphones and a headset, and an HDMI. Although no one expects Thunderbolt 3 from a democratic laptop, the SD card reader is somewhat lacking.

Belief is very acceptable regardless of whether the Mad Book D is located as a great tool. The build quality is very high, and in some cases usage has improved, especially for connectors and computer keyboards. On the other hand, reduction; Not everyone agrees to carry one kilogram per day.

Displays are great for different tasks
The 14-inch MacBook X Pro’s screen is only 1.6 inches smaller, but the size difference seems huge. The resolution is also simple – total HD instead of QHD2K.

Mat Matrix has a lovely color representation and angle. For a job that is responsible for color, it’s not easy to argue, but it’s good to watch a video or TV show from YouTube in one view, and you can’t move it alone. The stock brightness is enough for 250 cd / m2 work, but the situation has been saved by a matte finish, and the screen doesn’t turn into a mirror.

Not for competition – for study and work
In the MetBook D version, only the UHT graphics 620 illustrated Intel Core chip is set. No graphics card – no laptop content or games.

The most active 4-core processor is complemented by 8GB of RAM and M2 256GB SST push. The computer boots up to two dozen tabs with an email client, including an Excel tablet.

Also, permanent and efficient memory reserves can be filled in. If there is room for 2.5 “SST or hard disk space, 4GB of RAM is typed with two SO-DIMM strips, two in the 8GB option say The Truth, we did not succeed. Communication with the service is great.

In front of us is a very simple device for a wide range of irrational tasks: working with texts and tablets, browsing the Internet, and watching videos – “on the go” at home, in the office, or in a cafe.
Also, the battery lets you worry about the proximity of the outlets. With a screen brightness of 50%, the Huawei Mat book D can play full HD movies continuously for over eight hours (493 moments from our estimate) and Netflix.

It can be propagated in fluency – about 7.5 hours (447 moments). With irregular loads (watch movies on the internet, play a browser, and then write this review and type photos in Lightroom), the notebook lasts less than 8 hours (476 minutes), which is enough on a business day, even when the home is in charge.

For an expensive laptop, these are unique benefits for which two variables work together. Initially, the battery has a good capacity of 43.3 W, and secondly, it has no connection to power. Cellular Core i5 and Full HD monitors are not their own, but the Mad Book D does not have unique images.

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