Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review: The first smartphone with a separate video camera and larger battery.

This Hawaii 30th Report is not just about introducing new gadgets.
So Hawaii reveals: We are powerful and we can create unique technology even if we are pressured. We were not discussing the revolution, but the huge mobile detector, shooting movie has shrunk from 266 shows and rapid wireless charging – “enemies” doesn’t even get there.
Because of this trade war between China and the United States, the Huawei Mate 30 gurus could not decide how to certify Google. Smartphone American brings a service. Way to be with them? Is there any way around the barrier? Should I wait 30 seconds? Answer to the test.

Creators recognized: Not just photos, videos can be taken on a smartphone. Sony has been trying to communicate this idea (very complicated) for quite some time and Apple has done much better than others. Breaking through Hawaii this year.

There was 4K shooting and HDR service at 60 frames/second.

We walked around the fabulous Octoberfest in Munich and chose the Met 30 gurus. See how the colors of the smartphone interact with the audio and stabilize the image. Particularly in the dark: the detector includes sensitivity to ISO 51200 (64৪০০20 against enemies).

There are errors. For example, when shooting 4K, the optical stabilizer occasionally “drops” and the image trembles. Very rarely the word will disappear. But overall it is a new degree in filming.

Produced by 960FBS Producers from Slow Motion Filming (Slow-Mo). Huawei accelerated its camera to 7680 fps, in other words, the Mate 30 Guru cut the movie 256 times! Automation doesn’t have to capture the moment for you.

Resolution 720p, the image has been sculpted for about two days, but the detector is wide-angle and we thought a bit at 960 fps, which shot at 1080p. Additionally, the Med 30 guru wrote a movie with all the backstory, however, the talent was at the 20 pro level. Below are a few examples.

We know three cameras

These are aptly taken from the Mate 20 guru camera and the Hawaiian B30 guru. Change: A detail has been provided by Telephoto, and the color representation is natural.

It looks like the Mate 30 Pro is behind the Guru’s camera module. They say Lyca cameras promote the neglect of the say: It doesn’t inspire or enjoy the respect.

I was surprised that all four of these explorers were deployed in a small space and I was confused. The accompanying 20 Guru is practical in this direction. Who’s angry – it’s great to pick up the model. He too is not afraid of water (IP68 protection) and does not fall back into his hands.

Front – which is called screen-waterfall (officially – “horizon”). The border of the view seems to be curved down by 88 by and the frames are lost. Incorrect clicks are excluded: touches the turning boundaries, “active” matches, is placed there, and does not adjust the size.

Here are the signature controls: slip your finger and tap on the border. Have a great touch idea. But in a hurry, inventors may not understand two bits – in addition, you should try.

The color reproduction is good, the brightness under the sunlight is good enough (but not a list). In general, in addition to the resolution, the screen is tops: the Mate 20 guru was 2K, followed by total HD. Individual pixels are still visible, but “remains blank”

I get color on screen – it displays the date, time, call and missed the message. The color of this widget changes depending on the color of the sky with daylight, or you can capture a picture but who likes it?

There is a bit of a “fall” above from the P30 guru and there is really a “bang” here. Why? The Mate 20 has a 3D head scanner similar to the Guru. I guess the bitterness, but I like this layout, and in the end, the 3D scanner works in almost any situation, even in the dark (the IR light is on). Fingerprint scanner glass bottom to verify purchases. Quick, true – all the same from the Hawaiian leadership.

A gesture from the neckline appeared. Program – It is possible to scroll without touching the screen. Detection does not detect any gesture. It is advisable to take a screenshot when there is no sizing button.

The Galaxy Charity

Revision 10+ and Mate 30 Pro dominate everything: total HD video is upside down!

27W wireless charging is one of the fastest speeds in the world. Cable Siamese Mi 9 Guru – 30 watts. Its – 40 Hours Guru, with 1 Hour and 10 Minutes Price. There will be electricity from charging the automobile and you will need an adapter.

Wireless charging is absent and today it is 2 times faster. You can control your headphones on your smartphone (hello, IPH)

One 11 Guru).

The Hawaii Mate 30 and the SAT 30 will be the first tablets of the professional Green 990 chip. The compositions have EUV lithography going on in its 5G form: the built-in 5G modem euro module. 5G is a point when it comes to smartphones using all the Green 990s. And there the efficacy is somewhat lower and the neuro module “barely” doubles.

Key Factor: Increased productivity reduces energy consumption. An ISP image chip has emerged that accelerates video and photo processing and is brand new. He should be responsible for noise reduction, which is 20-30% more effective. The memory card architecture is supported by Nano SD.

We performed with WHT and PUBG. The smartphone has won two competitions: standard 60 frames / s without loading late.

30 gurus with Hawaii excluded from Google Play Store and Services It’s hard to imagine our lives without YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail and the program. They are not. If revenue starts do they want people to take away despite their smartphones?

We found a way to set up a Google solution in 30 Second Guru. You can set up Google Pay, join a card, and buy with your smartphone to hide through NFC. Contacts are all synchronized. The card works. YouTube is currently being enjoyed.

However, this is actually a “crutch”, definitely for the geeks. Buyers will be scared this way. Hawaii must present the problem with its response. We see three situations:

Google’s Chrome browser features instant plugins. For example, if you are looking for Instagram, follow the link and the website will open. Although this seems to be a program, nothing needs to be downloaded. These instant programs need to be implemented by programmers, and Google is unlikely to agree to the Huawei process.

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro costs $ 1,099 (about 77 million rubles). If it gets – no one understands, it’s expected in Russia and Western Europe by the end of the year. For all of us, Hawaii can cut enough.

At $ 77 million, you can now choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. With it, we get a front-facing camera with a much smaller aperture for the camera than a stylus, fantastic audio, “Bang”. Competition from Apple’s planet – the iPhone 11 guru Max 256GB – costs 114 million. Unlike 30 Gurus, we find nothing exceptional. And you can find the current flagship Hawaiian P30 guru with a tenfold hybrid for $ 45 million.

The planet is doomed. However. “Then – when the sanctions issue is resolved, 1 way or the other.

Otherwise, Hawaii will build its own ecosystem with “blackjack and solutions” and flew to Europe, or reunite with the United States and reestablish friendships with Google and Qu .. Hard to guess what will happen, but the company is not flexible: it lags behind its services. Investment and a huge market of billion dollars. Nothing happens with the smartphones we buy.

It does appear to be a degree shooter, charged with bullets bigger or better than bullets than competitors. The main problem is the “Most Pose” image: 4K at 60K frames / second, 4K at 4K, Fever Slow-Mo, 7680 frames / s, shooting almost zero light.

But there is stagnation. Without upgrading the audio and the front camera (though that might be mandatory), the screen has been enhanced unlike the Mate 20 – though the resolution is slim, the detail is slimmer. It is unknown when the smartphone is available.

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