King of the Night: Huawei Mate 30 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Compared with the cameras in the dark.

“Greater” volume and nighttime mode debuted on the new iPhone 11 guru (after all, Apple users got what Android needs for decades), the Huawei Mate 30 guru got the largest mobile sensor and secured first place on the Lexmark camera separately from many competitors! Behind it is the Galaxy Note 10 +. A true comparison of the shooting capabilities of high-tech Mail.R.
The Huawei Mate 30 guru (Browse Complete Review) received four cameras, one of the world’s largest sensor modules with a smartphone / 1.54 inches and a resolution of 40 megapixels. It brings the smartphone closer to the camera with the finder dimension than rotating an app. The shooting of this photo in volume. Still, it’s best to get a picture, so that it plays a role in the camera.

We reviewed this iPhone 11 Guru Max, Galaxy Note 10+ and Huawei P30 Guru until noon. From the next 30 Gurus, the same block is moved in the same way as any light. So the important thing is the action of darkness and daylight changes

There are Apple users. These images can be found on Instagram. However, Android flagships are in a pretty good position to do this. At the same time, Apple’s “Shrike” is without any optical zoom, no autofocus, and at night! Arivukettavere?

The angle is much smaller and less distortion than the competitors. The Galaxy Note 10+ features worse details and more noise using F / 2.2 optics, but we don’t deviate from “Latitude” and the color representation is accurate. 11 Guru Max is stumbling and the Force Awakens. Aperture f / 2.4 is not acceptable for night time shots.

We’re flipping into nighttime mode – here’s an amazing thing: The “sheriff” of this iPhone doesn’t promote this national style. We chose the Hawaiian P30 Guru for comparison.

Notice that the image is 10+ bright, but the colors are exaggerated and the ghosts will appear around the light sources. Although there is no difficulty for the guru, there are details in the shade. The 30 Pro’s image looks natural, has less noise – the most suitable choice for quality. Although the “width” from the Mate 30 gur is not as wide as its competitors: the viewing angle is smaller, although there is less distortion at the edge of the structure.

The difference is minimal and it is easy to confuse images with the iPhone and the notebook. With 30 gurus apart: More information is visible in more detail and in more shades. Still, the slots are a bit much and the enemy has plenty of clues and bushy details.

Switch to nighttime style
Regarding Huawei and Samsung tablets, this can be accomplished if there is no illumination around the iPhone 11 Guru Macs and it will work. Apple’s theory is: Allow a software contract to explain why a person should be burdened. 1 hand – thank you on the other hand – I need control. It seems to have enough light but you want to look further. However, this does not work and as a result, there are evening shots and many other sources where the old iPhone X with 11 priests is weak. However, individuals often close the day rather than complete darkness. We do not know Apple’s reasoning.

The Galaxy Notification 10+ Night system looks like a long exposure shot, which can see the trajectory of the leaf. Pick up unstable things – Please, it’s hard to catch people and animals that are “obvious”.

Huawei and algorithms understand Apple’s running objects and provide one from a stack of frames with maximum sharpness over the entire structure. They drop the information. The Mate 30 Pro handles it very well and its scope is wide. And the heat from the lights.

Shooting in complete darkness

In the end, the most disturbing thing. You can see here that the enemy was stuck with Hawaii during the nocturnal footage process. About the detail and sharpness, the knots and iPhone are not inferior about color, and matte – great.

Here’s how to cut the sloping parts of a 30 cut structure and explore the fountain. This is where the shooting stuff is removed. Let’s credit the first attempt and train neural networks to process these complex images. This is by far the most expensive and ultimately not the best.

However, is it worth taking the Met 30 guru to get the trendy night mode? Here are photos were taken with it in Pro. Look for two spaces when they say:

On the new Green 990, this is the new image processing chip (ISP).

Hawaii reported a 20-30% increase in declines. The possibility appears.

What about filming the movie? Brand new “Fi

LM Camera “Mate 30 Guru Has Most Light Sensitivity: Shooting Film ISO 51200 other In other words, Mayotte will see something in pitch darkness, but his opponents will not see it” “Heavy” system – 4K 60 frames / s.

In the preliminary review, Matt said the words. Notice 10 produces some types of radiation noise, imagery. The iPhone “sound” is low but almost impossible to see.

The matte consistently suppresses the sound and loses a lot of detail, though in review it still looks lightweight, artistic. An iPhone is soft (literally) in a relatively clean, vivid image, clearly identifying places and buildings on the street

Mate 30 Pro Sensor Ratio 3: Two, 11 Guru Max 4: 3. So, photos with ratios. So there is more distortion at the edges, and in addition, the iPhone has a larger angle. However, if you look at the medium, you will find that Matt is providing information.

Comparing all-day frames to the main camera is meaningless: today all the best models are shot correctly, the spaces are in white balance (the iPhone takes a “hot” image), and the shadow words on the edge of the shape structure.

Apple iPhone 11 guru Max has been supporting Huawei for almost two decades. However, considering the cost difference between Guru and the latter, they had high expectations. Nighttime is bad, you cut -. The worst is that “Shrike” doesn’t promote Night Mode. It’s bad to store them in autopilot. However, it is one step ahead.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro may be known as the most flexible camera phone. As the picture says – it’s the best smartphone right now, and we’re getting all the DexMark reviews here. The main camera shooter, the B30 Guru, is better than “Shrike” (but in night mode, the image is sculpted, but the sharpness is high).

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