Review of Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX 581. Laptop with two touchscreens and a keyboard at the same time.

Evolution gives us extraordinary devices. ASUS has launched a notebook where the base panel is split into additional displays (the same resolution as the main screen!) With a full keyboard. Both displays are touch-sensitive and you can command them with a computer keyboard and mouse. All details regarding the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX 581 were launched simultaneously from the test.

UX581 is not ASUS using two displays. A year ago, the company’s first notebook was released – the ZenBook UX 580 But the screen – screen pad – was found on the Touchpad’s website and is in shape. He was able to publish an interactive menu, operating in a full-sized second display (desktop) or regular touchpad mode. Anyway, he was on the UX581 – check out the screenshot of the case in use.

The initial quality of the UX581 – let’s take care of 2 scenes. Besides the screen, the key is clear – the wine and its location. We are used to searching the computer keyboard and the next one is below it. It’s running, and Pro Duo looks at one of those ASG gaming notebooks’ Rogi Sempress lineup using a touchpad on the right.

The original screen is unknown to the expensive IPS laptop, but OLED, it’s cool enough (and more expensive!). OLED metrics are often lacking in the absence of backlighting, and each pixel is a source. As a result, customers get saturated lights and colors. This is one of the best solutions in the market nowadays. The color range allowed by Cinema and Apple technology is as close to this quality as possible. The UX581 is intended, so the action is clear.
The display is drawn. There is a paradox here, one more in the matrix – distortion of self-expression and image, excellence. However, no matter what the UX581’s expressions are weaker than the UX580’s. The frames in this scene are slim, which is a tribute to the visual and style comfort

Its resolution is 3840 x 1100, which is twice the surface height compared to the surface. If you want to use basic mathematical calculations, we know that the bottom screen area is 50.92 percent of the most important part – half an hour. This next screen matrix type is not recommended, but it is a timeless IPS because image distortion is not seen when changing angles. Like the top screen.

The general interaction between the screens is exactly the same as using an interactive external screen. However, ASUS has been active in apps lately, so you can look for additional features to help with the task. For example, if you use the touch screen function and maintain the window, an additional menu will pop up so you can move the window to the lower screen. To do this, a hardware swipe is located on top of the touchpad. All windows will be immediately pressed on the display machine and moved to the site. Press the button again and go back. The screen is split into zones by dragging everything to the border of 28 and you can arrange three windows.

You have to understand that the screen is at an angle compared to the customer and though everything looks great. The response varies slightly, so the screen is acceptable for background details. However, it is not as comfortable as we think it is. It depends on your own work and we will refer to it as the perfect site.

There are principles

The situation is structured with steel, which enhances its durability and makes it more acceptable for expensive notebooks. Site makers have announced that the color of this UX5৮1 is blue. However, the color of this case is not heaven green.

The sealed lid is fitted with a sealed circle. It was the highlight of this line for decades. The plan is angular and the notebook looks thick and huge. This is explained by the presence of another screen, but a smaller and thinner notebook is predictable. The parameters are inherently competition labels.

The example is raised after opening the screen. This is most suitable for printing except that it is more convenient to use the next screen. The simple fact that the screen pad is parallel to the table surface does not eliminate annoyance.

The keyboard is comfortable, though not very comfortable – at the bottom. The manufacturer sets up palm oil to brighten the irritation. However, this is great if you are constantly working from 1 position, which is a bit different than the concept of a notebook computer. You pick it up

Should not An important trip of 1.4mm is enough to gain a clear awareness of the process? No complaints about backlighting.

A unit shelter with a computer keyboard, LED backlight. If desired, you can turn it off and set it to touchpad mode. There is no key Easy to use, but you need to get accustomed to the location.

Notebooks in the ZenBook series are not gambling, they are solid and equipped with graphics carded chips. But the rules of this game are dynamic and give users exceptional performance.

However, Core i9-9980H is a very different thing. This is actually a very useful chip that provides offensive performance.

However, if the Core i9 is available on its predecessor – the UX 580, we are missing out on the casino video card. The Xwing Nvidia RTX 2060 surprised me. You can play FullHD at the same or configuration in most games, but yes, this is not an option. The GPU can support all video memory up to six GB and GTDR6. This is practically a new dimension of competition, as Pioneer can give you the GTX 1050. Needless to say, it is designed for hardware acceleration matches, but for tasks such as file presentation or long-term mounting.

All driveway selections are from NVM technology, while the smaller ones are integrated into RAID 0. It guarantees instant and readout rates for system response. Again, the precursor may provide an alternative.

Another hardware feature is that the camera can detect the owner. The right camera is used to open on the smartphone. It saves full time and is easy.

If you like the idea of ​​a laptop, you can choose the RTX 2060 + 16 RAM + 256 SSD configuration. This is enough for work and your entire daily routine. And you will become more useful, but not just an innovative notebook.

Harman / Gordon has revealed that the front end of the show is UX5৮1, but the noise cannot be called magic. It completely lacks alloy and volume, though it doesn’t sound like it. Pioneer UX 580 makes louder, better and more shaft.

Enough power
The results are predictable. The version also includes an Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics card and an Intel Core chip. This means everything you can do and play videos, photos, games. In games, you have to reduce the resolution to FullHD to get the frame rate nicely, but with a 15 inch diagonal it’s good enough. However, you can set the image’s value settings. Farkmark innovation is heating up. The SSTT speed is 3150 MB per minute. In short -.

A laptop with two 4K screens can’t survive 10 hours on a battery, that’s clear. However, the UX581 was able to surprise. Two screens were able to play with notebook movies. Battery life may be increased by 340 minutes if you close the display.

As you know by now, there are two display laptops. You might think of this UX 580’s predecessor, though the display is an option on your touchpad.

This notebook is similar to the UX581 and according to the appearance of the material. It’s just a choice of HP – a gamble, so you’ll get an accessible Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2070 video card, though no choice with the RTX 2060 (such as Asus). The UX581 covers a maximum of 1 TB and you can buy a configuration using a two TB SSD as coupler – the screen speed of this Oman X2S is up to 240 Hz.

The Woman X2S framework is coming down more than 4,000 from the official store, so we have more costs – about 300,000 rubles. The price of this UX581 is accessible, but the smaller version is expected to cost around 200,000 rubles. So the Asus replacement is very accessible, the performance of this screen is high, the display is calibrated by Pantone and most of their RTX 2060 configuration and power are sufficient.

The computer market has never reached an end. Asus has begun to add displays of different shapes, sizes, and performances, though the potential for power, memory and other products is clear. ZenBook Pro Duo UX 581 – A New Spin In Developing Laptops For Users

ASS emphasized that it will collaborate with application programmers, and expand its capabilities in the long run. However, his

The denial is ridiculous. It can be used with the stylus, you can type photos and watch videos and release any details. It does not require any external machine. Open the 2 and the notebook will shine positively.

Innovation has proven the success of the technology. The casino video card has an eight-core chip, a FaceID camera, a number pad and everything else you can consider. Without Kosachi, obviously, there’s no such thing as a slot for memory cards or high-quality audio. But this is the first cake and the flaws are fixable. And

Percentage of external card reader prices.

If you want technologies to pair with another monitor with your notebook, then you are definitely going to enjoy the new item. Cost Stop: From 240 million rubles, this is actually a better category. But when compared to the additional configuration of additional primary options like Apple’s MacBook Pro (there’s no such thing as a dash matrix with no other display), it doesn’t seem too threatening.

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