What is an iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera? Compare that with Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +.

Now, Apple’s all-new sale has begun selling, and we’re using a cool green and 3 “cooker” on the iPhone 11 guru Max. How can they be taken? Let’s evaluate – compare the two camera phones in 2019.
Here are the details of each new iPhone we created. In a nutshell: The iPhone 11 Guru Max has got a very useful chip, great screen and document autonomy (all based on Apple). New odd shades of the case have emerged: classic silver, “space gray”, enhanced gold and dark green. Look, looks great:

Charging kit on the way -. Together with him, he placed a cable called USB-C – lightning.

Here are 3 cameras that add a module to telephoto and primary. The owners of Android tablets are currently smiling: their years are gone.

Don’t be surprised if you use double zoom: enemies have three times as many zooms (B30 gurus) than five times.

There are also places with tablets. I’ve been able to create a colorful presentation in the Apple module. You don’t even notice the change between the lens and a camera on your palate.

Instantly compare the daily shooting “physique” for the three tablets. No expression: distortion at the edge of the structure, the same announcement 10 that everyone shot. Additionally, it releases information in the shadows. The iPhone 11 guru Max is instantly recognizable by its own “hot” color reproduction – enemies have a rich sky.

Shooting from sunlight is a camera nuisance. Automation links to eliminate the details and warmth of HDR grass. Guru Max did but left a huge noise. However without the glitter. Note 10+ for offensive suppressed image -. Pro managed to look at the sun.

The value of the time period images depends on the HDR. Here are the difficult situations: shadow and light at the same time. Samsung first handled it very well: no words, it is noteworthy that everything is supported and below the curve. The iPhone had plenty of “grain” in the corners of this structure, severely removing the highlights – the background image looks flat.

And Hawaii got an RYY detector -. A detector takes the red blue and yellow spectrum and resets the color. In the case of difficult errors. The B-30 guru shooter area is great though.

Another guess is artificial light and sunshine. iPhone 11 guru Max took the balance of the camera and was distracted – it’s a shot. With details and various arrangements. Huawei gave a great result, but it was exaggerated by the Galaxy Note 10 + suppressing words and lost details.

All smartphone photos were taken. There are drawbacks to various objects (trees, bikes), but they are trivial. Variations in Impact and Color Reproduction: P30 Pro Dims Announcements 10 + and 11 Guru Max iPhone – Brightness. Here’s an amateur.

However, the portrait is different. Generally, the 12-megapixel iPhone 11 guru Max on the front end lets you shoot a wide-angle or you can harvest something. However, the portrait style – just “short” Selby when the mind is “wasted”. It’s really a minus. Galaxy Note 10+ lets you take any angle with the Huawei P30 Pro Adjustable “Shirk”.

At the same time, the iPhone turned into a very simple portrait, and in the photo of this “notebook” I can see it was stuck to the structure, and the B30 Pro faded into the background. The lead is not actually this Hawaiian face. However, it cost half of it and came out after a while.

As our promise, iPhone 11 guru Max was surprised. I said it was easy and in the movie, it worked perfectly. Filmed without being fooled, the HDR is monopolized.

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